Morning Worship

Our Sunday Morning Worship Services

Our Sunday morning worship services are designed to glorify God, preach His word, and encourage each other. We do this with intentional times of fellowship, singing songs of praise to our Lord, and sound Biblical preaching.

We begin our Sundays at 9:30 am, where the adults gather for corporate prayer and the kids head off to Sunday School to learn Biblical truths in a safe, secure classroom.

At 10:00 am, we meet for coffee and snacks (we call this our “Coffee Connection”) in the fellowship hall so we can catch up and check in with one another, learn about what’s going on in each other’s lives. We laugh, love on, and pray for each other.

Our main service starts at 10:30 am. Our singing is relatively simple – no fog machines or fancy productions – and we sing a mixture of hymns and God-honoring modern worship songs.

We generally preach expositionally, meaning we preach directly from the Bible, seeking to understand or “exposit” its meaning, generally going through an entire book of the Bible over a matter of several months. At times, we may go through a short topical series or unique sermon, but these will always be doctrinally sound, Biblical sermons.

Family Integrated

We love having the kids fellowship with us! We believe that families, sitting together, modeling Godly worship, is ideal for training our children up in the way of the Lord.

We have a nursery available for children up till age 2, and we welcome all children ages 3 and up to sit in service with their families.

Don’t worry. We know babies cry, toddlers melt down, and kids get squirmy. This is not news to any of us, as we most likely are there with you, or have been before.

While children’s church is not bad or wrong, we prefer to have our families sit together, paving the way for family devotional discussions, Godly leadership at the home, and for our kids to be part of the church family.

Baptism and Communion

Once a month, usually on the first Sunday of the month (aka “First Sunday”) we remember the sacrifice made on the cross for our behalf by partaking in communion.  If there are any to be baptized, this will generally occur on a First Sunday as well.

In continuing the theme of celebration on this First Sunday, we also have our monthly potluck on that day as well, so that we may enjoy an extended time of fellowship (and great food)!